"Your attitude, your style"

Step into the world of Maureen Lermer. Born in 1972, raised in Cameroon, West Africa. Lermer has been hard at work since 2014.

As a Cameroonian – born designer with a sharp outlook and an authentic passion for fabrics and sewing,

Lermer’s deep inspirations, passions and love for fashion as well as the deep requests for her unique designs, bounced into the amazing birth of NDEMELA Creations.
 As an internationally sold brand, it honours its watch - phrase “Your attitude, your style” which is a call to action in identifying and empowering the individuality of her clients. With specific designs, everyone can find a place in her ready-to-wear collections.

A glimpse into her memoir of fashion, spotlights her back as a child, when her intense love for design, injected her with the zeal to start as a novice in the footsteps of her grandmother and she stitched her very first dress for her doll at the age of five.
Lermer nurtured the art of mobilizing resources at a very tender age often using left over materials from other tailors, all in a bid to realize her imaginary plans which finally of course got delivered to her taste, creating her costumes at home. Today, what began in the heart of a five-year-old has now grown to become an exquisite selection of fashion blends straight from the runways of Africa and Europe.

Lermer’s creative flair is fuelled by the unique shades and shapes of nature, sometimes recycling and using natural resources to create fresh and original products and accessories.
She found a way of giving back to the community by participating in many community projects. Employing female and male tailors in Togo, West Africa is just one of the trickle-down effects of Ndemela’s Creation. Lermer is a full cup and spilling over.
As a hobby photographer and model, she strikes a balance between high-fashion and graphic art. Gardening and cooking are part of her diverse hobbies and she occupies herself with running her international cultural association IKM e.V Mering, Germany.

“Fashion is creating what it takes to uniquely style you” so get to us let's fashion you. Choose from our unique variety of kid’s wear, women’s swear, men’s wear, all in one place.

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