Fashion is creating what it takes to uniquely style you.

Born and raised in Cameroon, West Africa, NDEMELA Creation’s founder, Maureen Lermer , is no stranger to fabrics and sewing. As a little apprentice of her grandmother, Maureen learned how to sew her very first dress for her doll at the age of five. As a teenager, her interest and love for design and sewing grew. She would go to the different tailors around and pick up left over materials to use and create her own costumes at home. It didn’t matter what outfit she got, she would always try to make it different by altering the style. Her vision and goal expanded to include making dresses for others. As more people asked for her unique designs, NDEMELA creations was born.

NDEMELA designs are inspired by the colors of nature and natural resources; NDEMELA Creations has been known to incorporate raw materials like coconut shells and cardboard paper into some of their creations. As a conscious environmentalist, she is able to merge her world of fashion design with waste recycling—a cause near and dear to her heart

NDEMELA’s slogan, “Your attitude, your style” speaks to its custom designs which are fashioned according to its client’s personalities and style. NDEMELA Creations caters to both African and European markets, with sometimes a blend of both to create very unique pieces.

NDEMELA Creation’s is an ardent supporter of women, men and children empowerment. Giving back to the community is an essential part of its mission, for example, supporting and providing employment for women and men tailors in Togo, West Africa. Ms Lermer participates in various projects which facilitate the integration of Asylees into her community.

Aside from dazzling her clients with her unique creations, Ms. Lermer is into gardening, cooking, photography and running her international cultural association, IKM e.V Mering, Germany.

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